Music Teacher

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  • South Holland, IL
  • time-alarm-solid 03-03-2024

Job Description

We are looking for a passionate Music Teacher to join our team. As a Music Teacher, you will have the opportunity to inspire and guide participants on their musical journey, helping them enhance their instrumental skills, performance abilities, and advanced musical techniques.


  • Provide personalized 1:1 instruction tailored to individual skill levels and musical goals.
  • Develop instrumental technique(s) on various instruments, focusing on proficiency and musicality.
  • Cultivate performance abilities for solo and ensemble performances.
  • Instruct in advanced musical skills like notation, audition preparation, and improvisation.
  • Collaborate with participants for showcase preparation and conduct periodic assessments.


  • Strong background in music education and performance.
  • Proficiency in one or more musical instruments.
  • Exceptional teaching, communication, and motivational skills.
  • Knowledge of music theory, notation, and performance preparation.
  • Ability to creatively adapt teaching methods to individual needs.
  • Access to musical instruments is a plus.